She asked me how I did it

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saluteI recently had an acquaintance ask me how I had been able to get so many great gigs this year. She had seen a talk I did at York University on performance anxiety last year, and wondered how I made the jump from anxious and overwhelmed to being a frequent performer. She said she felt frustrated that she had so many great songs to sing, and yet, nothing was happening for her. Wow, could I relate to that! For years I wondered, ‘how did those people get those opportunities?’ ‘How come they have so many invitations and events lined up?’ I remember feeling so frustrated and discouraged. Well I’ll tell you how I finally made the jump and started being one of those people:

I started asking. I starting offering. I started being active in the music community, and that made all the difference.

This summer, I’ve been extremely honoured to play at Salute Piano and Wine Bar (, one of the most sophisticated spots in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. I feel like I’m living my calling when I perform, and it’s honestly exhilarating. Obviously, I’m condensing the point, but the truth is that I wouldn’t be there if I hadn’t asked. And what an opportunity I would’ve missed.

So how did I do it? I asked for it.

With Love and gratitude,