Wanna Know What My Secret Musicianship Weapons Are?

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Hey lovers,
I wanted to write a quick post about some of the ways in which I supplement my music practice.
Having graduated from university in 2013, I can find myself a little starved for interactive ways to learn new things. Fortunately, I’ve found two websites that I love and use all the time for myself and with students.

1.  http://trainer.thetamusic.com
This website is sooo good. It’s full of really engaging games ranging from concepts like rhythm and harmony to mixing and mastering. You can play up to about 3 levels of any game for free and for a small monthly fee you can unlock the rest of the levels. It’s great for beginners and advanced musicians… Like, it’s so good that I really almost do want to keep it a secret.

2. http://www.musictheory.net
This is the best website I’ve found to teach new students about where the notes are on the piano and on the staff. It’s pretty straightforward, customizable, and very visually appealing. It’s great for interval training too and it’s completely free!

Well, there you go 🙂 Let me know what programs and games you use! I want to try them all!

With love and gratitude,