I covered a Gospel song with Colin J. Gibson!

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I just get genuine joy out of singing with cool people, you know?

That’s why I knew I HAD to get Colin in my house to do a lil’ jammity jam. He and I play in several bands together, and when you play with him, it is immediately obvious that he is a rare gem in the Toronto musician community. Not only a technical, high-quality guitarist, but Colin is also the perfect supportive player. He’ll never solo too loud or force his ideas on you – just real honest love and support pouring out of this guy. And if you’re feeling doubtful or nervous (which, c’mon don’t we all feel that way sometimes?), Colin is the guy you go to in order to build you right back up to the best player you could be.

And he sings! What? Dream collaborator ❤

Here’s what Colin had to say about the song!

“Washington Phillips was a man who wrote his own gospel tunes, who played an instrument of his own making, and who promptly vanished into history shortly after recording this remarkable music. The enigma of his music is only deepened by the evident passion and fervor with which he delivered  these strange songs of simple faith.”

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Here’s our version – enjoy!