Molly and I totally Gossip for 3 minutes straight about Kate’s Bush

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Oops, did I do a typo in the title? I meant to say Kate Bush, who is a hugely talented English artist who’s  put out nearly a dozen albums since the 1970’s. Wink wink.

When Molly Davis and I decided to collaborate, we almost instantly decided to cover Kate Bush’s iconic 1980’s song ‘Babooshka.’ For me, this song was nostalgic and powerful to record, because it was one of the first songs that I really resonated with as a kid. I didn’t understand why my dad was showing me a video of a woman jumping around with an upright bass in a tight golden suit, but I was into the music that’s for sure. And the song really holds up nearly 40 years later!!!!!

From Molly: “Kate Bush is mind boggling. The music she writes spans from melodic and catchy, to darkly bizarre, to arhythmic chaos, to sci-fi story songs, to deeply emotional love songs… to celtic jigs! She always seems so in control too, something about the way she holds herself that just says gently but firmly “I am here and you will listen.” I’m inspired by her confidence and how that confidence bleeds into her music.”

Back to Emma: This song was also really fun to record because Molly (who fronts the Molly Davis Band, and is a multi-instrumentalist in several other projects) always brings out the trouble-maker in me! She’s so fun. I really love doing skits and playing around with people who make me laugh, so this was an ideal project to record and collaborate on. THANK YOU MOLLY and thank you to my friends who follow this blog – means a lot 🙂

Love Emma