Donuts and Good Times with Kirk

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Kirk is such a stunner. So relaxed. So stylin’

I’ve been doing these little covers lately and I knew Kirk would be such a perfect fit for the vibe I want to set  — when we play together Shrinehouse (our Amy Winehouse tribute band), we’re most often found in the corner causing trouble with the other members of the rhythm section.

Kirk showed up to my house for this video with some brownies, some great documentary recommendations and the STRAIGHT CHILLIN acoustic bass you’ll see in the video.

He told me why he picked the song ‘Old Friends’ by Donuts.

[Kirk] “Donuts was a local Toronto band from the mid 2000’s. I first heard this song while my high school ska band was opening for them at the Cathedral. It was my first time seeing live reggae and my first time seeing live music while stoned (sorry mom), I was 16. I picked this song because I play it all the time and it gives me that really good nostalgia.”

Enjoy the vibes and comment if you love Donuts!

Love Emma