Joni Mitchell’s Morning Morgantown

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Matti Palonen is a wonderful trad/folk musician whom I’ve met through the songwriter scene here in Toronto. Although we’d met many times before, the filming of this video marked not only our first time playing music together, but also our first conversation lasting more than five minutes! That’s something I love about this friend-cover-collab series (wow, I need a better name) – getting to know friends in my community better. And I really LOVE playing music with my friends! YAY. It’s awesome.

Anyway, Matti suggested we learn  this Joni Mitchell song off of her album ‘Ladies of the Canyon,’ and I happily obliged.

Matti said of the song “Ladies of the Canyon was in my parent’s record collection so I have always loved the songwriting of Morning Morgantown.  It was an interesting challenge to adapt the guitar chords to the bandura. My main instrument is the Finnish kantele, and I have been taking up the Ukrainian bandura this year because it has a wider range and a different but familiar technique. “

So with that, enjoy our cover of Morning Morgantown!