Snazzy Sax Solos with Chelsea McBride

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Hi friends!
Back at it here with another exciting collaboration video with Chelsea McBride. If you don’t know her, Chelsea is a dynamo in the Toronto and Vancouver music scene, leading three bands and performing in many others.

Talking about this video, Chelsea writes, “My introduction to Amy Winehouse – my real intro, anyways – was in a band called Shrinehouse, and Emma joined shortly after I started playing with them. So Paige Peters (the creator of Shrinehouse) is really the genius that introduced us, and since then I’ve been loving the vibe of playing Amy’s music – especially in a mostly female band. Emma’s a joy to work with on that music and we’ve been working together more lately so it felt right to pay tribute to where we first met!”

It’s true, I’ve met so many amazing musicians through Shrinehouse, and I’m just thrilled to be able to continue doing this series of collabs with my friends. Check out the video, and see if you can spot Trumpet, Chelsea’s adorable elephant companion, hiding out front and centre.