Julia and I Don’t Want No Scrubs

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Hi friends!

For my most recent collaboration video, I asked my lovely friend Julia to come on over for tea and gossip, and of course, to sing! This collab was a no brainer, because not only do we get along famously while performing in her project, The Julia Tynes Band, but she is also such a confident, kind and just plain CLASSY AF woman.

In picking the song, Julia told me that ‘No Scrubs was the perfect song for us because we both are bringing the sass every day; morning noon and night!’

Maybe SASSY and CLASSY should be our new band name?

Usually when I arrange the songs for piano in these videos, I generally stick to the original chord progressions- however, in this song I really played around until I found a funky reharmonization that I loved. See if you can spot my stank face while playing the chorus progression. haha!

Hope you enjoy!