This Song is So Worth the Listen

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Hello lovely friends,

I’m thrilled to be playing the first original song in my collab series with my new friend, Erik Bleich. His song ‘Worth it/Clementines’ is incredibly beautiful and I just love it and am honoured to play it. Erik is a very talented writer, and to prove it, I’m going to give him the floor —

From Erik:  “I first met Emma through a mutual friend via a songwriting group – which has managed to continue every Sunday for the past 8 months (which seems like a monster feat to pull off in a city like Toronto, where scheduling anything is quadratically* difficult). My first impression was general impressment. Her writing was fresh and lucid. Energetically vibrant and mischievous. So when she invited me to play my song “Clementines” with her, I just agreed and asked for the details after.

The song itself is a direct result of the ongoing work going on in the group, which emphasizes vivid, sense-based observation as a form of connecting with other humans. The theory being “the universal is in the specific” and the execution involves writing quickly in short, timed bursts, forging great neural pathways which allow you direct access to your higher brain consciousness, where stores and stocks of lingering sense memory have been collected over a lifetime of hearing and smelling and feeling and dreaming and tasting – which are triggered by an innocuous object allowing them to blossom into instantaneous free verse until the timer goes off and you realize that you need to read it all to a small group of strangers (who are now dear friends). But you also get to peak into other folks’ brains, so it’s all worth it.

Worth it because everything is worth it. The stories that come out are sometimes dark or unkind. Sometimes silly. They come out in strange ways through unexplored avenues. And sometimes in ways you didn’t even realize you were feeling.

Worth it because we all connect over those things. And sometimes we get to share those with all you fine folks who took the time to connect in a small way to Emma, to allow me to jump in and say yes, without worrying about the details. Because it’s all worth it. So thank you.

*I’m not so good at the maths.”


Back to Emma:

Give it a listen and let me know what you think with a comment below, or by sending me an email at emma_hewson983[@]!