3 Women Walk Into a Bar and…

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Play a gig. It’s not really a joke, but it is the whole reason this video was shot. I’ll explain more below, but first, welcome back to my cover-collab series!

Today’s cover, of ‘Ketchum, ID’ by the band Boygenius, is the first video where I’ve managed to round up 2 amazing musicians to record with me on the same day. I usually get my collaborators to write a little quote for this blog, but today I’ve transcribed a conversation we had detailing more about the collab, the band Boygenius, and our friendship…. read below >>


Emma: So Chelsea, maybe you could describe why we picked this song and decided to record this together.

Chelsea: Sure! So when you and I did our last video collaboration [of the song Love is a Losing Game], we did a song from a band that we met in. Today’s video formed very naturally after you, Ashley and I had just played a gig together [in a bar] and were like ‘oh we all like each other, and we’re 3 out of the 4 women on this 24-person gig, let’s do a song together…’

There’s a lot of good super-girl groups in the day, but Boygenius is probably the newest example of that, and Ketchum, ID is the obvious song to do from the band – it’s their closer, it’s beautiful, and it features all the 3 part harmonies.

Also, that entire album is produced, written and engineered by women. It’s their project. They locked themselves in a room with no male influence. Its’ glorious.

Emma: Oh really! I didn’t know that at all. Who are the members of Boygenius again?

Chelsea: Yeah, it’s Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, who are all excellent songwriters in their own right, and have toured together before and are long term collaborators. Their self-titled EP came out in 2018.

Emma: So cool. And Ashley, why were you eager to come and sing with Chelsea and I?

Ashley: Well, hmm, I’m always trying to find other ways to perform because performing is not my main gig, so getting to do little things like this that are not necessarily high pressure, and are fun, are great ways to do.

I’ve never heard this song or Boygenuis before so finding them and going down the rabbit hole has been great.

Chelsea:  I also spiritually relate to Lucy Dacus.

Ashley: Yeah her timbre is so you.

Chelsea: Yeah and that’s the split too! I was like you [Ashley] have the high thing going on like Julien Baker, and Emma, where your range and timbre are just fit perfectly with the Pheobe Bridgers part.


Back to Emma, the blogger:

It’s true, Boygenius as a band features 3 powerhouse female musicians and bandleaders, but Chelsea and Ashley also lead bands themselves and are great sax players as well. Definitely check them out if you don’t know their work.

For music, for fun,


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