Monika and I Ruin Your Night

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Hello friends and thanks for tuning into another installment of my friend collaboration series.

Today’s video is special for two reasons

1) It features one of my all-time best friends, Monika Mehan (of constant blue), who is the sweetest, most empathetic human probably in the world.

2) She’ll be playing this song and many others at her EP release show on Saturday January 11th at the Tranzac club in Toronto! And,  I’m opening for her with a 6-piece band with all new original material!

Here’s what Monika had to say about writing this song…. “Ruin remains the song I’ve written the fastest, by far – I wasn’t trying to force anything in terms of music. I wanted to follow suit with the lyrics and not overthink them. Of course they have their meaning to me, but I like the idea of an upbeat melody paired with lyrics that are ultimately about leaning into (or fantasizing about leaning into) your petty side for a minute”

Hope you enjoy!

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