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Changing Priorities and Just Being Really Real Yo

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20170330_1449545‘Ello sneaky people!

I haven’t posted in a really really long time. I originally envisioned this website to be in service to my songwriting – and when I put that on the back-burner a year and a half ago, I stopped updating this site. Sorry, duuudes.

But this site is not here just to serve my songwriting, it’s in service of me and my community. THIS WEBSITE IS MY SERVANT. Serve me, peasant!

So, with no real insight other than, YO GUYS I’M STILL ALIVE, and HEY, I HAVE A WEBSTE, I’m feeling like sharing some of what I’ve been up to lately…





Constantly inspired by my my dope, fashionable friends Michelle and Yugo who run a photo/styling studio together.



Cutie sunshine High Park sisters. Their cool cuz they have their hands in their pockets.



So humbling when you open the camera by accident.

Das’ it, peeps.



A Litte Improv #mantramusic

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Here’s a little improvisation I did awhile ago after watching the film Ernest & Celestine. It was a cute little movie that made me feel incredibly peaceful and grateful for the friendships in my life. Improvisation with intention!

What I Learned From Two Months Without Internet

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On July 1st, 2015, I moved into my first bachelor apartment, eager to begin a new chapter in my life. This wasn’t the only big change in my life – I had also just quit my day job to focus on music, and between that and living alone, I knew I was going to have a lot of time on my hands. So it was with this in mind, that I decided to go without internet at my home for two months. I didn’t want my productivity to be zapped with Facebook scrolling and movies all day. I also wanted an excuse to get out of the house now that I had no roommates. So, here I am, September 1st, my first day at home with Internet, and I think I learned some useful stuff. Here are my top tips:

  • Youtubing Justin Bieber on repeat from your phone while you’re unpacking will use up all of your data. In one day.
  • Laundromats usually have free Wifi.
  • Laundromats have owners that will start to recognize you if you keep going in solely to use their free Wifi.
  • A lot of time, when you think you want to go on social media, you really just need a nap.You may be part cat.
  • Being bored, lonely, and sad are emotions worth paying attention to. Sometimes we distract ourselves from these when we should put our attention on finding healthy ways to experience and deal with them. For example, calling a friend, working on creative pursuits, learning to calm ourselves through self-talk and relaxation techniques etc… And sometimes when you are distraction-free you realize you might need help outside of yourself like a therapist, coach, mentor or friend.
  • When I had to use internet, I needed to make sure I remembered everything or it might not get done until the next day. To counter this, I started writing ‘internet to do’ lists before I left the house. This allowed me to be incredibly intentional about what I was doing online, and realized how unintentional I had previously been.
  • That being said, YOU NEED SOME UNINTENTIONAL TIME. Filling a day to the brim with intentionality and productivity is near impossible and hella stressful. Sometimes you need to just chill, bro.
  • When you order the cheapest thing on the menu (usually herbal tea) in order to stay for hours at a cafe with free Wifi, TIP HEAVILY.
  • The hierarchy of free Wifi, in terms of speed and reliability, is as follows:Starbucks < Library < LAUNDROMAT.

Overall, I learned that it’s not actually a big deal to go without internet. Sure, it was annoying not to be able to answer work emails right away, and be out of the loop on some things, but your real friends will text you and your work can call you. It’s worthwhile to let go of distractions and deal with yourself every once in awhile.

Peace out,

Photo on 2015-06-20 at 8.21 PM #2

Next month, NO PHONE!

Just kidding ;p

Does Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’ Sound Good in an Alleyway?

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You’ve been asking for more videos, so here it is!

Enjoy this new cover video we shot on a sunny (and super windy) summer day this June 🙂

A Poem – This Big Life

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This big life

I find myself alone in a clean house
Listening to the art of a riskier woman
Love, success, experience

They float away on a wisp with every phrase uttered in boredom

I’ve already made up the night we’ll meet
My autopilot is mundane
I want it to dance in magic
Wobble in ecstasy
Run away on a whim into a flood of euphoria
At least in my imagination
I can be free
But without course correction, this craft doesn’t even crash
It sails into an arid void
And I can’t imagine anything but cracked plains beneath the shadow
Perhaps a forlorn cactus

An armadillo, hunkering

What happened to the excited spirit, starry eyed
Feeling butterflies
Did they fly away so fast?
Perhaps this is balance
A balanced life of laundry and infatuation
Folding my excitement into the sheets

In Case You Missed It

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I am so grateful to be able to continuously share my art and vision with you, my supporters. It brings me great pleasure to present my video for The Best, off of my 2014 EP, which was released by here :

I am blessed to have such loving, amazing supporters – THANK YOU!

Now go and share the love!


My 1 minute song: Lost You to the Sun

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Beautiful wonderful friends!

Ah, November in Canada. It really is a beautiful time as the season changes from fall to winter and we start seeing the snow stick to the ground. Apparently, it’s also a month where I write short little song snippets…

This afternoon I wrote a 1 minute song called Lost You to the Sun. It has a lilting, dream-like quality, peeking into the state of mind we get into when dreaming of someone far away.

Love and gratitude,