Emma’s Easy Piano Sheet Music

Pick your song, pick your level, and get tailor-made sheet music fast!

If you find it hard to get the sheet music you want at the right level, you’re not alone.
Read below to find out how we can help, and what level is right for you!

What is Emma’s Easy Piano Sheet Music?

Many students are drawn to music because they want to play their favourite songs, but often find it difficult to accomplish that.

Students frequently begin their piano education by following along in lesson books, which may be geared perfectly to their ability, but not always to their interest. They end up asking questions like “What about songs by my favourite pop/rock/country artist?” and “Where is that theme song to the new movie that came out last week?”

As a teacher, I see many students buying sheet music marked ‘easy piano’ only to realize that it is an intermediate or advanced level! It can be very hard to know how to pick the right music for you or your child when you have little experience doing so.

As a piano teacher with over 15 years of experience, I’d like to offer my transcription services.

‘Emma’s Easy Piano Sheet Music’ will help you to play what you want at your current skill level!

How It Works

  1. Send me an email at emma_hewson983@hotmail.com with the subject line “Emma’s Easy Piano Sheet Music.”
  2. Tell me about what song you’re interested in and which of the 5 levels (listed with examples below) you think you may need – feel free to let me know a bit about your background with piano playing!
  3. I’ll send you a quote using my tiered pricing system and give you an estimate on when I can get it to you.
  4. After I receive payment, I will send you a PDF of the music and you’ll be playing your favourite song in no time!

Looking forward to helping you play your favourite songs! ~ Emma

Levels (Examples Pictured Below)

Level 1 – Absolute Beginner

  • Suitable for someone of any age with no piano experience
  • You’ll get a PDF with pictures of the keyboard and hand placement
  • Not written on the staff
  • Letters, lyrics and fingering provided

Level 2 – Beginner

  • On the staff, one hand plays at a time
  • Key signature and rhythms altered for simplicity
  • You’ll get a PDF with the music on a staff, melody only
  • Fingering, lyrics and letters provided

Level 3 – Beginner Plus

  • On the staff, occasional hands-together playing
  • In original key, rhythms altered for simplicity
  • Lyrics and some fingering provided
  • You’ll get a PDF with the music on a staff, melody and some harmony

Level 4 – Intermediate (Easy Piano level)

  • Generally the level of ‘easy’ piano books
  • On the staff, hands-together playing (melody and simple harmony)
  • In original key, lyrics and some fingering provided
  • You’ll get a PDF with the music on a staff, melody and harmony

Level 5 – Custom

  • An arrangement to your liking, at any level beyond the scope of this chart
  • Deliverable to be discussed



LEVEL TWO – BEGINNEREEPSM Template Level 2.jpg




  • Rates typically vary depending on the scope of project. Most pieces are between $15 – $50 and are subject to HST.
  • Contact me at emma-hewson983 @ hotmail.com for an estimate!