Online, In-the-Park, and In-Person Lessons

Are you thinking about piano, voice, theory, songwriting or performance lessons?

I’ve been teaching students of all ages and levels for over 15 years, and have developed a holistic method based on my student’s specific goals. Whether you’re interested in developing a firm practice, looking for specific technical information, or simply craving something fun to do on occasion, we can sculpt your experience based on what you want and what you will enjoy! 🙂

Currently accepting students online, in the park (weather and other factors depending), and in my home studio at Dufferin and Dundas starting August 2020.


Online or in my Studio (half hour lessons)  

  • 1 lesson = $40
  • 4 lessons = $148 ($37/lesson)
  • 8 lessons = $280 ($35/lesson)
  • 16 lessons = $528 ($33/lesson)

Lessons will be paid for in advance, are non-refundable, and expire after 6 months. Lessons that are cancelled within 24 hours notice will be deducted from the set. Lesson cancellations that are given in writing with at least 24 hours notice will not be deducted, and will be counted towards future lessons. **Please note that I may charge for any lesson that is not cancelled in writing! This includes instances where notice has been given only in person. Please also note that I need written cancellation for any instance where you will be missing a lesson, including PD days, march break, civic and national holidays etc… I can provide year-end receipts via email for all lessons purchased, if requested.

**** Currently offering a discount for those financially affected by the pandemic. Email for more details ****


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“I’ve been taking vocal lessons with Emma for the last couple years and it’s been an amazing journey for me! I came as a girl who was scared to be herself and speak English fluently (as it wasn’t my first language), and my goal was to get more self confident in my communication through singing. Emma was the perfect match for me! She supported me throughout the process of getting used to being ME!! Expanding my vocal skills, experimenting with my tone, pitch, even doing ear training. Emma always encouraged finding fun exercises to do! We picked the songs I liked and our classes were so much fun and full of excitement! A year into our weekly classes I felt like I didn’t what know my next intention was, but Emma suddenly came up with one – ‘Have you ever thought of writing your own song?’ she asked me. I was shocked because I didn’t think it was possible for non-professional musicians!! So we started and I loved it so much that now I’ve written 3 songs! Definitely a nice surprise! Thank you Emma for bringing me up from a shy speaker to not only a confident and fun communicator but also a very creative song writer who finally gets to be herself and be PROUD of it! Thank you and Forever grateful!:)” – Veronika

“It was pure serendipity for me to find Emma late 2018! In response to her first question “So, what are you looking to learn/do?”, my answer was “I do not know!” She still went ahead to take me on as a “very mature” student and we have been exploring voice and piano-as-accompaniment for me since. She has been very flexible in her teaching approach for me which suits me better. We discuss what we want to do in each forthcoming session, as opposed to following a highly structured text-book style plan. Her honest, gentle-yet-firm feedback is very helpful in improving my voice and playing technique. ..And oh! She is great fun!” – Paloma

“Emma has been our son’s music teacher since has was 7. We chose Emma because she is not your typical music teacher.  We did not want an institution led and highly structured formal learning environment for our son.  What we loved about Emma was her ability to incorporate the fundamentals whilst integrating improvisation, freedom to experiment and expanding the repertoire of music beyond the classical realm.  By age 11, our son was able to sing and play the piano to songs of Bieber, Bruno Mars and Tom Petty.  It has been quite exciting to watch our son’s musical evolution under Emma’s guidance and we look forward to what the future holds for him.  Thank you Emma for your patience and your absolute dedication as our son’s music teacher.  He absolutely adores you! And so do we!!!” – J+E